South Australia's ONLY orthodox synagogue is at 13 Flemington Street, GLENSIDE, in inner south-east Adelaide. Adelaide Hebrew Congregation, established 1848, opened its first synagogue in Adelaide in 1850. After 140 years of worship in Synagogue Place, the congregation relocated to a beautiful new synagogue and community centre built at Glenside. The foundation stone of the new synagogue was laid in 1989.

Our new centre has a synagogue which can seat 300 people and a hall which has hosted 500 people attending Jewish community events and now houses a South Australian Jewish History Museum.

The synagogue provides regular prayer services, jewish education, celebration of births, bar/bat-mitzvah and marriages. Our Rabbi has phone contact with many sick and elderly members throughout metropolitan Adelaide. AHC operates the only Mikvah in South Australia. The Chevra Kadisha (Holy Burial Society) operates under our auspices through volunteers. Jewish burial grounds are under our supervision. Our honorary archivist has helped hundreds of people research their Jewish ancestry in South Australia or find their Jewish family graves.

The Garry and Klee Benveniste Community Library is a large collection of material from kindergarten level to advanced Talmud which, together with our archives of 170 years of South Australian Jewish history, contributes material for display in our museum. There is currently no Jewish school in South Australia so the synagogue is an important resource for Jewish education. Thousands of South Australian school students have visited the synagogue and museum for educational tours conducted by our Rabbi Ben Tanny.

Kosher supplies for festivals such as Matza and candles are purchased for our community and sold by the office from a room known as the Kosher Shop.
CURRENT SPECIALS in the shop during September 2016: Plenty of Matza, matza meal and kosher soup powder to clear.

We are available to serve all Jews in South Australia, including migrants and visitors. We are a fellowship of friends who recognise the importance of the congregation and the synagogue as a place providing communal support for each other, whether one is secular or religious. Many of our members are prominent in commerce, arts, science, law, medicine and sport.

AHC Board of Management represents the orthodox Jewish community to government and other organizations. Adelaide Hebrew Congregation Inc is a member of the Council of Orthodox Synagogues of Australia Ltd and affiliated through the local Jewish Community Council of South Australia Inc. to the Executive Council of Australian Jewry.

NOTE: No other Rabbi than Rabbi Ben Tanny is currently authorized to represent, or claim to serve, the orthodox Jewish community of South Australia or the Adelaide synagogue. AHC is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission. Check any charity is registered by visiting